Probationary Member Area – Straw Boss Comb Collective

Probationary Member Area

Welcome to the Straw Boss Street Team! You've been hand selected to represent the Straw Boss Comb Collective out in the online world in exchange for exclusive discounts, perks, and free merchandise!

Use this hub to interact with other probationary members, interact with the Straw Boss Comb Collective, share your posts and social media accounts, and request your free item!


Social Wall

Check out our social media wall! This feed updates every our with posts from the Straw Boss Comb Collective and Street Team! To appear on the wall, ensure you are tagging @strawbosscombs in your posts, and using the hashtag #strawbossco. Feel free to click any posts that interest you to share!

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Street Team Community Board

Use this community board to interact with your fellow members! Share links to your Straw Boss themed posts, Social Media accounts, and whatever happens to be on your mind! 

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Sharing Tips


Whether you're looking to participate while you wait for your first dose of free merchandise to arrive, or are looking to get the social edge for your application to full Street Team Membership - the following social tips will help you to achieve Straw Boss Street Team stardom!

Probationary Membership Introduction

Welcome to the team, new recruit! To get you started, go ahead and introduce yourself to the group via our community board, above! This board is visible across our entire street team; to both Probationary Members and Full Members! You can also use the community board to share new posts, links, articles, and ask the seasoned pros for tips!

Then, you'll definitely want to use the form below to request your free item. Remember, as a probationary member- you only get one. So think long and hard about which item you'd like, as that item is going to be the key to unlocking your full membership!

While you're waiting for your free merchandise to arrive, this private area is essential to remaining active in the Straw Boss Street Team Community. Utilise our handy tips listed above and the Social Wall for sharing and posting inspiration! Remember, this page isn't accessible/linked from anywhere else on the website, so be sure to bookmark it so you can return to it easily. 

Once your item arrives, it's time to get social! Post an unboxing on Instagram, share your thoughts on Twitter, upload a photo of you utilising the product on Facebook, even record a review or tutorial for Youtube! It's up to you how you want to share your post.

And finally, once you feel confident with your social media impact, it's time to move on to greener pastures-- and unlock the benefits of full membership! Full-fledged Street Team Members get serious perks and even more free merchandise, without the limitations of Probationary Membership.

Probationary Membership Rules

I understand that social feeds/public profiles containing violence/hate speech/bigotry will not be tolerated. Excessive content of an adult nature is prohibited. Any member found to be in violation of these terms will have their membership revoked and lose any and all perks/discounts.

I agree that as a Probationary Member, I am to provide The Straw Boss Comb Collective with photographs and/or media of my free merchandise and post a minimum of 1 post on my social media platforms upon receipt of my item. I agree to tag @strawbosscombs in the post and use the hashtag #strawbossco.

I give the Straw Boss Comb Collective full permission to re-post any photos I provide and/or tag, as well as permission to include any and all media I provide on marketing materials; up to and including the website, social media, and offline marketing materials. I understand that wherever possible I will be appropriately credited.

I understand that there are no returns or refund value to the free items and perks I receive as a Street Team Member. I understand that the Straw Boss Comb Collective has no fault with postal delays/carrier issues/customs process.


Request your FREE Item

Use the form below to submit your request for your free item! Probationary Members are responsible for the cost of shipping, payable through Paypal. Limit one free item per probationary member. 

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Request Promotion to Full Membership

Want to join the big leagues? Submit your application below and request to become full fledged member of the Straw Boss Street Team!

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